• Each student shall be apportioned a bed/locker according to their hostel. Any student found sleeping on a bed that is not theirs will do community service.

  • Students found sleeping on one bed or two beds joined together will do community service.

  • All facilities in the hostels shall be properly maintained by all students. Any student/group of students who destroys any facilities will be surcharged.

  • No hanging of clothes of any kind in the room railings and bathrooms.

  • All students must treat the hostel as their home.

  • All students must make their bed and tidy their living area each morning.

  • No students are allowed to change rooms or bed without permission.

  • For any rearrangement of bunks and lockers, a house parent should be notified.

  • Students are not permitted to bring their own sports equipment to school.


The siesta time should be a quiet period and as such, all students are expected to observe siesta in their respective hostels. There should be no activities in the hostel and academic area during siesta. Any student caught not observing siesta shall do community service. Students are not required to sleep but must be on their bed during siesta.