The students’ syllabus is aimed at providing a stimulating environment where the student’s skills will be developed. Underpinning the everyday activities will be the opportunity for the children to learn and apply the good principles of love, sharing, caring, obedience and forgiveness.

Students must attend full time. Each student will have a fully qualified staff with responsibility for overseeing the everyday educational development and care of the students.Full and comprehensive junior and secondary subjects will be taught which closely follows the targeted national syllabus for WAEC and NECO curriculum but also meet International standards. Student will be taught French as well.


A maximum class size of 30 students so that the students benefit from the level of individual attention available with the teacher. Consistent efforts will be made to attain international standard for students to teacher ratio. Educational visits such as field studies are integral to the school curriculum.


Bethel Livingstone Academy offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by a dedicated and professional staff. The curriculum begins with a broad spectrum of subjects and becomes more focused from junior to secondary classes. In JSS classes, emphasizes will be on the basic skills in the following subjects based 40-minute periods per class

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