By God’s grace, we hope to provide a much more conducive learning environment than what you can see today. Basic amenities such as Adequate Water, Electricity, and security are provided. We hope to complete the installation of a dedicated transformer before resumption of students on September 14, 2013.


We are also providing a standby generator. A professional security management firm will manage the security of the school while we build relationship with the Nigerian Police for backup support and patrol activities at the Academy and environs. Sporting and relaxation facilities will be provided.In realization of the impact of feeding on learning, a professional Dietitian has provided a balanced diet feeding Timetable for the school. The three square meals to be provided are complimented with Morning and Night cap meals.


Bethel Livingstone Academy aims to provide an environment conducive for learning and of an international standard.


We will seek ways of improving and maintaining our facilities from time to time. At present, the Academy has the following facilities: Administrative Offices, Staff Rooms, Enough air conditioned Classrooms, Enough Parking Spaces, Clinic, Dining room, Dedicated Transformer, Standby Generator, Hostel, Security Post, House Parent Apartment, ICT Laboratory, Kitchen, Library Science Laboratories, Sporting Facilities, 25 Toilet/Bathrooms.